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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Written In Stone

After everything that Cathi and I have been through...The truth is finally written in stone...It is hard to express the emotion that is brought about when you see your name written on a tombstone. As we both gazed upon the names of our children, the feelings of pain and joy are overwhelming. The pain reminded both of us of the loss that we have received over the past several months...But more than that was the joy in seeing the names of our precious babies engraved in stone forever on this earth...If it wasn't for the generosity of the members of the City that we work for, we would never be able to make this happen. Cathi and I feel so blessed that we have had the opportunity to be in the presence of our beautiful children and we are so very grateful to the men and women of the City who came together in this very stressful time to assist us, which resulted in what you see here.

Cathi and I now have a place that we can go whenever we want to visit our children and show our love. There is a permanent place for them to receive flowers and gifts...As strange as it sounds, we have found comfort in this piece of metal and stone...I can now reach down and feel their names and dates, punched roughly into the center of this headstone...Surrounding their names are multiple hearts, which for me, represent all the people who came together to show their love; for not only the children, but for Cathi and I.

A day has not gone by, that I do not cry for my children...At work, at home, on a lonely car ride to where ever, I mourn the loss of the most precious gift ever given to me...Cathi and I were so genuinely happy to have the blessing of three children and yet at the same time, they were stripped from us so soon.

Thank you all so much for those who have supported us during the most difficult experience we have ever faced in our lives.

Cathi and I are looking forward to the future and we know now that we have three precious angels in heaven watching over us that will bless us with more children...