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Sunday, December 14, 2008


To: Raiden, Ryker and Gwyn

Many a lonely moment;
Often a silent tear;
But always a beautiful memory
of THREE who were so dear.

Their memory is our keepsake
From which we shall never part
God has them in His keeping.
We have them in our hearts,

Friends may think we have forgotten
When at times they see us smile,
Little do they know the heartache
That our smile hides all the while.

We mourn for them in silence,
No one can see us weep
But many silent tears are shed

While others are asleep.

God gave us strength to fight it
And courage to bear the blow,
But what it meant to lose them


Author Unknown

PS: Thank you so much Heidi...This poem explains exactly what we cannot..You are a true gem...In memory of your Little Angel Alexa :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

To My Precious Angels

To My precious Angels: Raiden, Ryker, and Gwyn

The happiest day of my life was learning I was carrying three precious babies.
I got to feel you grow inside of me everyday. All three of you had individual personalities while growing inside. Your Daddy and I just new Raiden and Ryker were boys. You were always rough housing inside my belly while Gywn tried to sleep. All three of you were always so close.

On 10-14-08 I was rushed to the hospital in fear I would suddenly loose all three of you. Well I held on until 10-17, Raiden you decided you wanted to meet us too early. Even though our time with you was cut short, you WERE and WILL always be my first born….Thank you Raiden Landon Long for making me a true mommy…

After I delivered Raiden suddenly, I did what any determined mother would do. I held on to Gywn and Ryker for another month. The doctors explained that it had rarely been accomplished, but I was determined. Unfortunately I went back into labor on 11/12. I was so scared but also so excited to meet you two little babies; who for the past month had been cuddled so close that the nurses couldn’t even track your heartbeats, you were so close your hearts beat exactly the same.

Your daddy spent the entire first night of your lives with you while I recovered. He brought pictures to me but it wasn’t until I got to see you for the first time that my heart truly melted.

Ryker London, You were such a beautiful little baby. You loved to keep your hands by your head, or close to your mouth. It drove the nurses crazy because they always tried to put your hands down by your sides. Your Daddy and I were there the day they took the lights away from your body. Your Daddy and I looked down at you as you opened your eyes for the first time. You were so precious; it was the best day of my life.

Gwyneth Bella you were the most delicate little pumpkin. You had the most feminine features. You held my little finger so tight. You were such a determined little girl. You had so much of my personality. My mom always wished I would have a little girl that would make me worry late at night, well in 18 short days you made your father and I go through every emotion of being a parent. You smiled at us all of the time. You would also hold on to what ever wires were around you. You wanted so badly to suck your tiny little thumb, just like your mommy used to.

Today you all lie together again. This is and will be the hardest day of my life. I hope you are all comfy wrapped in your little blankets and cuddled up to your little woobies. Raiden, Ryker and Gwyn… You gave your Daddy and me the best few months of our lives. Thank you all for letting us realize what really matters in life. You have touched more lives in a few short weeks than most get to in a life time. Thank you sweet babies for choosing me as your mommy…I will love you ALWAYS….

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Funeral Services

Funeral services will be held Friday December 5th at 1pm at the Calvary Catholic Cemetery on US Hwy 19 N. and Bryan Dairy road. This is an open service for anyone who would like to attend.

If you are unable to make the service, but feel Raiden, Ryker, or Gwyn have touched you in some way, we ask that you take a moment of silence at 1pm on Friday for our special Angels.

A fathers "True" love!!!

A fathers “TRUE” love. I have always heard the term Daddy’s little girl, But I never really understood it until the day my little girl Gwyneth Bella went to heaven. In the late night hours of November 30th Early morning of December 1st. Logan and I called the NICU as we do every night to get an update on Gwyn. We were informed that they needed to do lifesaving measures to her.

Logan and I rushed into the hospital and made it just in time to hold our precious Angel. She was so beautiful. Logan thinks she looked like me because she had my lips. The hardest part of the night was not watching my precious Gwyn leave this earth to be with her brothers, it was watching the true anguish of a man who had been holding together so strong for several weeks. No words can describe a father’s love for his daughter. I know there is a special bond between me and my dad, but I never truly got it until I watched my husband with his little girl. It brought true joy to me watching him with her.

We got 18 wonderful days with our little fighter. She decided for herself that she missed her brothers too much to continue to fight any further. Looking back on it, Logan and I realize we were being extremely selfish to believe that Gwyn would want to be here on earth with us. Gwyn needed to be with her brothers.

These babies were so close if you go back through the old posts you will see references to baby A and B playing together. Well baby A was Raiden, B was Ryker, and Baby C was Gwyn. When we lost Raiden, Gwyn took comfort in her brother’s arms. She laid so close to Ryker the entire time I was in the hospital. The nurses had to track the babies’ heartbeats everyday, they always thought they had the same baby because their hearts beat as one.

I love my children with all of my heart. One day I will understand why we are going through all of this. Right now I take great comfort in knowing I got to truly love my children for their short time on this earth. They touched more people in their short time here than most do in a lifetime.

I am truly blessed to have a wonderful loving and caring husband. Logan has always been there for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better man. We want to thank each and everyone of you who has prayed for our family. Thank you