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Sunday, December 14, 2008


To: Raiden, Ryker and Gwyn

Many a lonely moment;
Often a silent tear;
But always a beautiful memory
of THREE who were so dear.

Their memory is our keepsake
From which we shall never part
God has them in His keeping.
We have them in our hearts,

Friends may think we have forgotten
When at times they see us smile,
Little do they know the heartache
That our smile hides all the while.

We mourn for them in silence,
No one can see us weep
But many silent tears are shed

While others are asleep.

God gave us strength to fight it
And courage to bear the blow,
But what it meant to lose them


Author Unknown

PS: Thank you so much Heidi...This poem explains exactly what we cannot..You are a true gem...In memory of your Little Angel Alexa :)


Molly said...

That's a very beautiful poem. I hope that the babies had a beautiful memorial service too and that they are now able to rest in peace together and watch over you. Thanks for sharing.

Cara said...

Perfect sentiment indeed.

The tangible grief you must feel right now is unimaginable.

Would you be allright with me using that poem as an opener for our first Share Southern Vermont support group?

I would be so honored to think of your babies as I read it.

Tina said...

That peom is beautiful. I know we only know one another online but know I will always rember. Your story has touched and changed my life forever. I'm sure many others feel the same.

You all are too special, loving and amazing to ever forget.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have come to the memorial. I'm sure it was absolutely beautiful and perfect, just like your children. My heart is truely broken for your loss and I along with many others are continuing to pray for your peace, a peace and strength that only God can give, that surpasses all understanding. Love, Nurse Mandy

Jennifer said...

That poem is beautiful. It really says all the words you can't say. Your babies had a tremendous impact on this world. More than most people do in their lifetime. Your family continues to be in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

I passed through your site today and just wanted you to know you both are still in our thoughts and prayers.

Stacie said...

I was thinking of you and sending hugs...