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Monday, September 22, 2008

MID-Night Feedings

Hey everyone, So my beautiful wife is getting more beautiful by the day....She has a belly at a thin 43 and 1/2 inches now and as you can see, is still an angel on earth....Cathi is now 18 weeks along....We went to the Safety Harbor Spa yesterday and enjoyed a prenatal massage for her and a deep tissue massage for me....THANKS TOM!!!!

We woke up this morning with a call from my brother in Afghanistan, who was trying to find our baby registry...THANKS PAUL!!!! He is a great brother to be sending gifts from a war zone....All else is well in the Long household and we are going to tour the NICU at Bayfront Hospital today in order to get and idea about the layout...

This pregnancy is the first time since I met Cathi that she has woken in the middle of the night starving for food...Those little babies suck everything up like cute versions of a tape worm...I guess they are getting her and I ready for middle of the night feedings....Thank you all for the kind thoughts and words....Keep checking the blog, we are doing our best to keep it updated....Love you All!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Two Boys and a Girl

There you have it folks…Two boys and a girl…Gwyn sure will have a rough time dating when she gets older…Here is a picture where you can make out all three of them; or at least some of them. Ryker is on top, you can't make out much of him but he is there...Then obviously there is Gwyn, photogenic and demanding to have her face in the photo...Poor little Raiden is off to the right...You can't make out much of anything other than Gwyn's face, but notice you can see the "Y" that is formed between them all...That is their individual sacs that they are inside of...Like three little monkeys in a potato sac, they are all fighting for room and attention from those watching...We can't wait to meet them...

Meet Raiden Landon Long

The last to meet but not the least…is our second little BOY! Raiden is by far the most abused brother…Ryker was squoosed, but there isn’t quite a name for what is happening to Raiden in the womb…Everytime we tried to get a photo of Raiden, Gwyn would pop into the picture, shove him over and get her picture taken again. The best picture we have of Raiden, is him cuddling with Gwyn…This little boy will most likely be the best cuddler in the world…Okay, so Gwyn is off to the left and Raiden is on the right with his hand over his head like he is defending himself from his sister's annoyance...If you look closely, you can see the outline of Raiden's brow and the outline of his little nose...

Meet Ryker London Long

Now meet the second of the Trio…This is our little BOY! Ryker is Squooshed into his little sac next to his sister’s feet. The poor little guy just wants some room…We were able to get some decent photos of his face and little hands, but you can tell he is just so hurting for some room…I bet he can’t wait until he gets out into his own little crib, he won’t know what to do with himself!

Ryker is looking down with his hands just below his face. You can see his little legs down at the bottom...His ankles are crossed...

Meet…Gwyneth Bella Long

To the right is a photo of our little GIRL! Her name is Gwyneth Bella Long…She is truly Cathi’s child…She takes up all of the room in her tummy, just like Cathi takes up all of the room in the bed! During the Ultrasound, Little Gwyn kept pushing the others to the side trying to get into the video. She was hogging all of the camera time and stretching out trying to take up all of the space.

Cathi swears she is sucking her thumb during the video…Most of the time she had her hands up by her face…The only time she took her hands from her face was when the others were getting some face time…Then she would take her hands down and nudge her way into the other photos… The funniest part is that everyone thought Gwyn was squooshed until they saw the other little ones being pushed around by their sister...


Survey Results

Voting booths are now closed...Thank you all for voting and I promise are survey results our more accurate than the presidential votes in Florida...36% of the voters thought we were going to have two girls and a boy; 5% thought all three would be girls; another 5% thought all three would be boys; and the other 36% thought we are going to have two boys and a girl.

Those are the results of the survey. Now it is time to meet the babies and find out how many boy(s) and how many girl(s) we are having….Oh and enjoy another photo!

Three Dimensional Miracles

On Saturday Cathi and I went to “Meet The Baby,” an Ultrasound place that provides the service of viewing our little unborn miracles in the 3rd and 4th Dimension…It was amazing! We started the session out with a verification of the sex of our babies, which will be revealed in the next few posts as all of the votes are collected.

To the right is an example of one of the 3d photos we received.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Three Heads Are Better Than One

On tuesday we had another Ultrasound at what is now 15 and 1/2 weeks. The triplets are becoming mighty cramped in their little baby condos. Their full size is about equal to an apple.

While Cathi carries around three little apples in her tummy, my job is to attempt the impossible. A magic trick so mind blowing it would make Criss Angel look like an amatuer (Not that he already doesn't). I WILL ATTEMPT, AT GREAT RISK TO MYSELF, TO COMPLETE ALL OF MY HONEY-DO-LIST BEFORE THE BABIES ARRIVE!!!! I KNOW! AMAZING ISN'T IT?! You know clean the garage, hang some gutters, paint some gutters, paint the Nursery, put up some molding, build a dollhouse, keep the grass mowed, wash all the cars. Cathi has been awesome trying to help, but we all need to make her rest more.

Many do not think it can be done, but I am making an effort.

Enjoy, I will try to post more soon, I have been having computer issues and my photos are not wanting to attach....COMPUTERS!! AAGGHHH!

A New Beginning

So here is a picture of our newly acquired urban assault vehicle...This mean machine has truly brought about the reality of life...."I am getting older." I will not be truly an old man until this is traded in for my mid-life crisis vehicle, which has yet to be determined.
One of my close friends said, "You know we are getting old, when we think minivans are pimp."
This statement speaks so much truth and yet I find myself eagerly awaiting the in person introduction with my children. I embrace this massive hunk of man-less-ness and I am excited about the beginning of a different kind of life, one blessed with that amazing smile and laugh that only a child can give.
Although this new beginning will bring with it amazaing challenges that I cannot foresee and have never faced before; my fears of the unknown have been calmed by all of the kind thoughts and words of our friends and family throughout this rollercoaster of emotion.

Go Triplets!

I am glad to hear that many of you wish I would update the blog more. I did not know there were numerous people checking it so often. Cathi and I are doing awesome and soon the sex of the babies will be revealed. I have some new Ultrasound pictures that I will hopefully be posting tonight when I get off of work…..The Ultrasound from yesterday was great. The doctors are amazed at how well the babies are doing. They are all measuring 15 weeks and 4 days, which is right on track!

The babies are definitely forming there own personalities. Triplets A and B are still as active as ever, rolling around and constantly bugging triplet C to wake up and play. Triplet C just ignores them and keeps napping. Triplet C was cuddling with Triplet B yesterday during the Ultrasound. All of their heartbeats were measuring about 150 beats per minute.

My sister was nice enough to lend us her stethoscope to listen to the babies; so at night when we are bored, we listen to the babies rolling around and dancing in Cathi’s tummy. It is the coolest thing to hear, sometimes they wooosh around and sometimes they tap at the stethoscope. It is almost as if they know we are listening and they are trying to communicate.

Cathi can feel the flutters now and can tell which babies are moving. The baby showers are coming up so keep your eyes open for invites!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Online Baby Shower

Hello Everyone!

Today starts the online baby shower! We are having several baby showers to celebrate the blessing that we will be receiving soon; however, for those of you that will not be able to make the baby showers we have added a "Donation" link for anyone who wants to help us out. HEY! Babies need lots of diapers and formula and we are having three, so drop a buck or ten.

We are also registered at Babys R' Us and Target for those of you who want to send something else. We are registered under Cathi and Logan Long. You can also shop at these places online!

We love you all!

The Minivan Man

Yes folks, it is true....Logan Long and his wife Cathi have purchased a minivan...We are now truly domesticated....Gone are the days of impractical transportation....A new day has dawned, the days of spilled milk and cheerios between the seats; the days of crying and pooping in the second row; the days of near miss accidents and dazed fatigue; these are the days women dream of, and men fear....These are the days of the MINIVAN MAN !!!!!!!!

This newly aquired spaceship style urban assault vehicle will be piloted by mere human adults; but sternly commanded by "THE TRIPLETS!" Weap with me my friends, on this day of testicular loss, but rejoice because soon the first, second, and third (and last) coming of urban dismounts will be created from the womb of the most beautiful goddess....These glorious sex trophies will be proudly displayed in the leathery rows of the almighty HONDA ODYSSEY.

Cathi is having another Ultrasound on tuesday and we will be finding out the sex on September 13th, so make sure and cast your votes soon!