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Monday, September 22, 2008

MID-Night Feedings

Hey everyone, So my beautiful wife is getting more beautiful by the day....She has a belly at a thin 43 and 1/2 inches now and as you can see, is still an angel on earth....Cathi is now 18 weeks along....We went to the Safety Harbor Spa yesterday and enjoyed a prenatal massage for her and a deep tissue massage for me....THANKS TOM!!!!

We woke up this morning with a call from my brother in Afghanistan, who was trying to find our baby registry...THANKS PAUL!!!! He is a great brother to be sending gifts from a war zone....All else is well in the Long household and we are going to tour the NICU at Bayfront Hospital today in order to get and idea about the layout...

This pregnancy is the first time since I met Cathi that she has woken in the middle of the night starving for food...Those little babies suck everything up like cute versions of a tape worm...I guess they are getting her and I ready for middle of the night feedings....Thank you all for the kind thoughts and words....Keep checking the blog, we are doing our best to keep it updated....Love you All!!


Anonymous said...

How awesome to see everything progressing so well! I've been following your blog since I found it three weeks ago and am constantly nodding my head when you two experinece the same things we do. I woke up starving the night before reading this and told my husband in the morning that I almost woke him to get me something to eat! I think he's glad I let him sleep.
Cathy you look wonderful. Isn't the experience just miraculous? Also, congratulations on your two boys and a girl. we are having the same thing! By the way, I'm two weeks behind you. Have a great week and I'll write again!

Tammy Berrigan said...

Hey guys- Love, love, love the names. They are great. 2 boys and a girl. That is what I have. Ok, so I didn't have them all at once but if I had it to do all over again, hell yeah that is what I would do.. LOL!! Anyways, make sure Gwenyth is born first so she can always tell her brothers she is the oldest.. It is hell having the girl as the baby. The boys are so mean. Just ask Rina, she will tell ya.. Love watching your progress makes me feel like I am right there with you guys. Cannot wait to come and visit once they are all here. You both take care. Oh by the way Logan, have you gotten your "honey do list" completed yet? LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cathi,

Like your names for the kids. Have you thought about the fact that two of your babies have a Y in their name. Wouldn't it be unique to have all 3 with a Y. rYker, gwYneth, raYden. Just a thought! Best of luck to you in the coming days. Get plenty of rest and eat lots of fruits and veggies.