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Monday, September 1, 2008

The Minivan Man

Yes folks, it is true....Logan Long and his wife Cathi have purchased a minivan...We are now truly domesticated....Gone are the days of impractical transportation....A new day has dawned, the days of spilled milk and cheerios between the seats; the days of crying and pooping in the second row; the days of near miss accidents and dazed fatigue; these are the days women dream of, and men fear....These are the days of the MINIVAN MAN !!!!!!!!

This newly aquired spaceship style urban assault vehicle will be piloted by mere human adults; but sternly commanded by "THE TRIPLETS!" Weap with me my friends, on this day of testicular loss, but rejoice because soon the first, second, and third (and last) coming of urban dismounts will be created from the womb of the most beautiful goddess....These glorious sex trophies will be proudly displayed in the leathery rows of the almighty HONDA ODYSSEY.

Cathi is having another Ultrasound on tuesday and we will be finding out the sex on September 13th, so make sure and cast your votes soon!

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