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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Two Boys and a Girl

There you have it folks…Two boys and a girl…Gwyn sure will have a rough time dating when she gets older…Here is a picture where you can make out all three of them; or at least some of them. Ryker is on top, you can't make out much of him but he is there...Then obviously there is Gwyn, photogenic and demanding to have her face in the photo...Poor little Raiden is off to the right...You can't make out much of anything other than Gwyn's face, but notice you can see the "Y" that is formed between them all...That is their individual sacs that they are inside of...Like three little monkeys in a potato sac, they are all fighting for room and attention from those watching...We can't wait to meet them...


Anonymous said...

Congrats Logan and Cathi!!! I am so excited for you. You are so blessed to have 3 perfect little miracles. The names you have chosen are adorable!!

Suzanne (:

Lesa said...

This is so amazing to see!