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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A New Beginning

So here is a picture of our newly acquired urban assault vehicle...This mean machine has truly brought about the reality of life...."I am getting older." I will not be truly an old man until this is traded in for my mid-life crisis vehicle, which has yet to be determined.
One of my close friends said, "You know we are getting old, when we think minivans are pimp."
This statement speaks so much truth and yet I find myself eagerly awaiting the in person introduction with my children. I embrace this massive hunk of man-less-ness and I am excited about the beginning of a different kind of life, one blessed with that amazing smile and laugh that only a child can give.
Although this new beginning will bring with it amazaing challenges that I cannot foresee and have never faced before; my fears of the unknown have been calmed by all of the kind thoughts and words of our friends and family throughout this rollercoaster of emotion.

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