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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Three Heads Are Better Than One

On tuesday we had another Ultrasound at what is now 15 and 1/2 weeks. The triplets are becoming mighty cramped in their little baby condos. Their full size is about equal to an apple.

While Cathi carries around three little apples in her tummy, my job is to attempt the impossible. A magic trick so mind blowing it would make Criss Angel look like an amatuer (Not that he already doesn't). I WILL ATTEMPT, AT GREAT RISK TO MYSELF, TO COMPLETE ALL OF MY HONEY-DO-LIST BEFORE THE BABIES ARRIVE!!!! I KNOW! AMAZING ISN'T IT?! You know clean the garage, hang some gutters, paint some gutters, paint the Nursery, put up some molding, build a dollhouse, keep the grass mowed, wash all the cars. Cathi has been awesome trying to help, but we all need to make her rest more.

Many do not think it can be done, but I am making an effort.

Enjoy, I will try to post more soon, I have been having computer issues and my photos are not wanting to attach....COMPUTERS!! AAGGHHH!


Anonymous said...

Hey Logan, sounds like you are getting your ducks in a row, better start now, life as you know will change dramatically, but I guess you are ready for it! Lil Cathi, take care of yourself and rest as much as possible! You need it now too. I think about you daily and have already started purchasing baby stuff for ya. I will email you my address for any and all showers. I love you!! xoxoxo Big Kathy

Anonymous said...

Hi! Your triplets are adorable! Their heads in such close proximity looks so cozy! I'm pregnant with triplets too and have been so looking online for someone who is also experiencing the same joys and occasional worries. I am literally one week behind you and we found out we are having two boys and one girl. We are ecstatic. In reading your blog I was able to relate to watching Babies A, B, and C. It's true, they do have personalities already! My husband and I kid around wondering who is the instigator in bouncing on Mommy's bladder! I wish you the best with your triplets!