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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Meet…Gwyneth Bella Long

To the right is a photo of our little GIRL! Her name is Gwyneth Bella Long…She is truly Cathi’s child…She takes up all of the room in her tummy, just like Cathi takes up all of the room in the bed! During the Ultrasound, Little Gwyn kept pushing the others to the side trying to get into the video. She was hogging all of the camera time and stretching out trying to take up all of the space.

Cathi swears she is sucking her thumb during the video…Most of the time she had her hands up by her face…The only time she took her hands from her face was when the others were getting some face time…Then she would take her hands down and nudge her way into the other photos… The funniest part is that everyone thought Gwyn was squooshed until they saw the other little ones being pushed around by their sister...


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