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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baby Condo's

Well, we are almost 12 weeks along. We had another Ultrasound today and the babies are doing awesome!!! When the Ultrasound technician places the camera thing over my tummy, you can see a little baby condominium inside my belly. Baby A Is the lowest and he/she is the most active but also the smallest. Baby B is also extremely active, playing non stop with baby A. When we watch them on the screen it looks like a little TV drama where you have two loud roommates below you on the first floor and then there is a top level, penthouse above; this is where Baby C resides. He/she is the largest of the three, and the laziest. A and B were kicking and rolling all over the place having a house party and Baby C was just curled up sucking her/his lil’ thumb trying to get some rest. When the Dr. checked their necks for signs of Down syndrome, baby A and B were easy to check because they kept dancing around showing themselves off as if they were on “America’s Best Dance Crew.” Baby C; however, was a little more difficult, they made me keep coughing in attempts to get baby C to roll over. It was the cutest thing; while they were focused in on Baby C, Baby A's hands would come into the screen as if he/she was telling baby C to roll over. After Baby A & B helped me get C to roll over, Baby C got checked and measured and then curled right back up, cuddling the Baby Condo walls and went back to resting. Logan and I couldn't stop laughing; we could have watched them all day long…

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