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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Too Good For This World


Cathi and I appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers that have been bestowed upon us by all of you in the past few days…Cathi was doing awesome this morning, to the point where they began to unplug a lot of the machines that she was plugged into…Unfortunately it was a little too soon…Today (10/17/08) at 1443 hrs, my first born son was brought into this world…He was 15oz and came out kicking and punching like a little warrior…I actually watched as his heart beat inside of his fragile chest…Cathi and I were able to talk to and hold onto our precious son Raiden Landon Long for one full hour as his heart beat and he tried to gasp for air….Little Raiden was born at 22 weeks; two weeks before the date when he could survive outside of the womb…Raiden passed away in our arms an hour after he was born…Raiden now rests with us in our room, swaddled in soft clothing with angels on them…Cathi and I believe Raiden sacrificed himself so that he could protect his little brother and sister who are still fighting to make it…Cathi is back on the meds and plugged back into the machines….

The other two of the triplets are still doing great and Cathi is maintaining her composure and strength…This experience I can say without hesitation, has shaken us both at our very core…This pain has scarred our souls and cannot be mended even with time….Raiden will remain in our hearts and souls until we meet him again in heaven…The pain has only been comforted by the fact that we are still holding on to our other two precious blessings…I will tell you all that Raiden is the most beautiful child I have ever seen…His features are absolutely perfect and he fought so amazingly to stay alive even though nothing could be done, he was way too good for this world and we were not ready for such an amazing person…

I appreciate having our extended family at the department to vent with…all of you keep asking what you can do…Cathi and I ask that you not visit, for we are not in a place to see others…You can visit by sending Cathi flowers…The flowers already sent have fragranced the room and it is a welcome change to the sterile smell of the hospital….We also ask that you pray for our other two children who are still growing…We know Raiden is watching over them and that he will help us…
Cathi and I will have a burial service for Raiden in the future when we have overcome the remaining challenges that we face…Donations for the costs associated with the service are also appreciated but not expected, we know times are tough these days...It is a surreal time we are in now; having to grieve for the loss of our son, but remain excited for the son and daughter that remain…Children are a wonderful gift to those who are blessed to have them…Cathi and I realize that and feel blessed to have had the single hour we had with Raiden, we would not have changed it for anything... I am not an overly religious person, but I know this is somehow all part of God's plan…I did not realize today how much one could love another person…Please again, pray for our children and pray for Cathi and I for we do not know how to do this; we do not know how to manage the stress of the coming months…This obstacle is far from accomplished, and we are falling apart more everyday….Our love has truly held us together and gets stronger with every moment of this joyful and painful rollercoaster.

Lastly, I would ask that you all look at your children when you go home and tell them how much you love them and remind yourselves how blessed you are to have to change diapers, or listen to crying at night, or argue about some obscure adolescent problem…As much as that can be a pain, it is truly a privilege to experience…Cathi and I pray we will experience it soon…
Again thank you all for your thoughts and prayers…

Logan Long (Proud New Father)


Lisa said...

Just a blog reader here, you don't know me.

I'm sorry to hear of this latest update. I'll be sending positive thoughts your way. Take care of yourselves.

Kris said...

Words can not express to you how sorry I am for you and Cathi. Many prayers heading your way!

Tammy Berrigan said...

Cathi & Logan-
My heart goes out to you. I am so sorry to hear about Raiden. You two are very strong and I know with the help of your love and Raiden watching over you all, you will pull through. I pray god gives you 2 the strength you need to move on and he gives the other 2babies the strength they need to hold on. Please know my thoughts are with you. Give Cathi a hug for me.
Love to you both,

Jessica said...

I saw your post on TC and responded to you there as well. I also lost one of my triplets after 10 weeks in the hospital. I am so sorry you are feeling this pain. Reading your story brings so much emotion back. Please contact me when you are ready if you or your wife need anything. I know right now it is probably too hard to talk to anyone. I have walked in your shoes and know it is so, so painful.

Michele S said...

So very, very sorry for the loss of your dear child, Raiden.

I pray for your strength and that God will keep Raiden's siblings in Cathi for a couple more months. I have been on TC for 5 years and I KNOW it can be done. It's been done time and time again. You guys can absolutely go on to have healthy nearly term babies. I suggest you contact Janet the founder and site administrator on the TC if you have any questions or need any medical information about delayed interval births.

God Bless you and your wife and I'll be keeping all of you in my thoughts.

Roni Hunt said...

Our love and prayers are with all of you during this challenging time. I found out about Raiden yesterday. I am so glad you were able to meet and hold Raiden and let him feel your touch and all your love before he went home. The both of you are such an example of love and strength. You are blessed to have each other and your precious babies who are forever a part of your lives, whether for 1 minute, 1 day, or a for the rest of your life. Raiden is a precious angel who yesterday brought your prayers directly to the God.

Hugs to both you and Cathi.
love, roni

Surviving Triplets said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Life is fragile & even more so when it is your child's life. Our prayers are w/ you.

Astrid (from TC)
Mommy to Sofi, Gabi, & Ian

diana henderson said...

Cathi& Richard:
I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I know Raiden is in good hands and will be watching over his sister & brother. I have prayed and will continue to pray for your family. Know that your family in blue is here for you and will be here for as long as you need us. God works in his own way & I am sure he has great plans for family.

lesa74 said...

we love you guys and are praying for you. please call if you need anything.


lesa & mike

lprice said...

I just read the email at work. My prayers have been with you 2 (then 5) since I heard about The Long Trip(lets). Just know that the Lord has plans that we may never understand, but its always for our good. It is simply almost impossible understand this. There is nothing anyone can say that can erase the pain or disappointment of losing a child. My heart is heavy for you. However, you have been blessed in a way some people wish for...You became parents, you got to see, touch, and kiss your precious bundle. Keep the faith. Hug and love on eachother like you never have before. I will continue to pray for you all. Remember Proverbs 3:5. May God Bless You and Keep You. Much Love

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your loss. You will always have your 3 babies. One is now an angel and the other two are growing in Cathi. Feel all the prayers and the strength in them. God is always with you.

tricia said...

apparently we have mutual friends, quentin and darla. quentin told me about your blog and about sweet raiden. i cannot imagine what you are going through, but know that you have another person praying for you.

i'm so happy you got to hold him and be with him, even though it was such a short time.

God bless your family.

Lisa Perkins said...

Cathi & Logan,
Words cannot express how deeply sorry I am for your loss. I know it must be hard but God has a plan so take comfort in knowing that Raiden is now an angel who is watching over his brother, sister and loving parents in the days, weeks, months and years to come.

It was a blessing to have been able to hold him and love him even if only for a short time.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers every day and if you need absolutely anything......don't hesitate to call. Until then I understand you need time to heal but I look forward to meeting your new family soon.

Love you all!!

Momfulltime said...

Dear Long family,

You are in our prayers. I was so sorry when I heard about your son and wanted to express my deep sympathy.
Then I read your blog, and was actually comforted by your words and your strength. That kind of peace and strength can only come from God.

Just know that I am praying for Cathi and the babies. If there is anything we can do, you know where to reach Chris.

Lifting you up in prayer,

Tracie White