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Friday, November 14, 2008

Exclusive Photos Not To Be Seen In The Tabloids

This is a world exclusive opportunity for anyone visiting this site, I again apologize to any parents reading this, because you will surely be jealous of the perfection, which has been created in Bayfront Hospital...Cathi has given birth to the most perfect children on earth and you all get to see some of the first pictures!!!!
I have spent the past few days pushing away media and fighting paparazzi in the hallways...The pictures you see below, which have been posted over the past few days are exclusive photographs of actual angels on earth...Enjoy the photos, they are truly priceless artifacts of our time...
Cathi and Logan's celebrity babies are receiving top treatment in one of the best NICU's in the world...They have been obtaining first class VIP treatment by the most well-trained nurses and doctors that walk this earth...I spoke earlier with one of the doctor's who had just finished conducting rounds on the babies, and she informed me that God himself said these babies are perfect in every way...God refused an exclusive interview, simply saying, "I think my work here says enough!" DON'T FORGET TO SCROLL DOWN...I TEND TO PUT ON TWO OR THREE POSTS AT A TIME!!!
My egotistical banter about God and his newly created angels is in no way Blasphemy and not intended to offend anyone, it is simply a defense mechanism to maintain ones sanity...ENJOY!


Mrs. P said...

Awww!!!!!! CONGRATS! Many prayers have gone out to this growing family. :) I am so happy to see that all is well, and we will continue to pray.

Christa from TC.

Michele S said...

Congratulations on your new babies! They ARE perfect! They'll be home before you know it! I'll keep praying for a short NICU stay and pray you continue a steady stream of Starbuck's. If not for Starbuck's, I would be dead. You'll be finding that out soon. :)

But it's all so worth it and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Congrats again! You guys did a great job getting them here.

Roni Hunt said...

It is a fact-they are little angels!!!

rachael said...

they are beautiful and precious! congratulations!

Kris said...

Congrats! The pics are priceless! I will continue to pray for an uneventful and quick NICU stay. You guys did a great job. Enjoy them! All the best to the whole family!

ohno4kids said...

Congrats. It's gonna be a long hard road, but it will be all worth it. My babies were born at 24 wks. They spent a long time in the NICU. Be stong, and have faith. You and your babies will be in my prayers. Good Luck and Congrats, their beautiful!


Gina said...

i have nothing to offer you on advice for multiple children but I can say that me, mike and ty are thinking about you often and our prayers continue. Knowing Cathi, I'm sure those little ones and her will be home before you know it!! keep up the good work Logan.... you are Cathi's coat of armor through all of this.
cant wait to meet those little angels..

Jennifer said...

Congrats on your beautiful babies!

Lisa Perkins said...

Awwww!! They are just precious and so beautiful!! I am so glad that they are doing well and I hope Mommy starts feeling better soon too!! I will continue to pray that they will have a short stay in NICU and be able to come home really soon!

Cathi....We miss you at the meetings and the cookouts. Michelle keeps getting meat juice on the buns so everyone is getting soggy buns. We need you back (but not until you are fully recovered) so everyone can have firm buns again. Ha ha!! Everyone sends their best and they hope that you all get to come home soon.

Logan....I thouroughly enjoy your posts in this blog - you are an excellent writer - you have made me laugh and made me cry. Your dedication to Cathi and the babies is inspiring. Keep up the good work - They need you!!

P.S. That is a great picture of you guys with Cathi's parents. Wonder who your photographer is.....ha ha

I absolutely can't wait to meet those precious little angels!!!

If you guys need anything don't hesitate to call!

Love Always,
Lisa :-)

Taylor, Allison, Ian, Emma and ^Ethan^ Tucker said...

We have pretty similar stories, almost exactly 1 year apart... My triplets were born at 31wks6days with Triplet A passing away abruptly during labor. The survivors just had their 1st birthday! You are in a for quite a ride - enjoy every minute of the sleepless nights and NICU days. What a blessing. You can check out our blog in your free time ;) ha! Prayers for your family and your sweet little babies...

Nicole O'Dell said...

Congratulations to you all! You are a precious daddy and I sobbed sad and happy tears at the same time as I read through your posts. God bless you and your precious, precious family. I will be following you and praying for you all.

T.L. said...

Congratulations on your new arrivals. My wife and I are parents of 28 weekers and know all to well the roller coaster ride you are just embarking on. OUr thoughts and prayers are with you. We left an response to your post on TC about IVH bleeds. Again, if you have other questions or just want to chat to release some of the stress, our email is ralstonx5@

T.L. & Amy from TC

Tara G. said...

What amazing posts and what an amazing family. We really wish you the best and will continue to read your progress. The babies are beautiful!

I was in the hospital for 10 weeks leading up to my triplet's birth. Please tell Cathy that she will take a while to recover and not to expect too much. Believe it or not, it is hard to lay there and "do nothing" for that long! :-)

Tara from TC.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kathi and Logan! How is everything going? I've been off several days and haven't heard the latest updates. I pray that all is continuing to go well and that the babies are thriving!
Love, Nurse Mandy Milligan