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Friday, November 14, 2008

VIP Treatment

Everyone likes to see pictures of newborn babies and how precious they are and this instance is no different...I apologize for not having them up sooner, but we have been pulled in several different directions. This picture is a close up of Ryker as his soft blue lights shine on him to prevent a condition called Jaundice.

Ryker went under the blue lights because the brighter white light that Gwyn has did not cover him enough...Both of the lights, though, different, accomplish the same goal...

It has only been a day and a half since their birth, but I can already brag about what great people my little one are becoming...Ryker has been placed on a ventilator that breathes for him and it was initially set at 40 BPM (breathes per minute)...My little man being the overachiever that he is, was at one point breathing at 60 BPM....He likes to "ride the machine" for a little while; then when his strength is up, he breathes on his own with the machine, which is a good sign...I went to see him last night before bed and told him to breathe and he started breathing on his own so fast...It nearly brought me to tears...When he becomes strong enough to breathe on his own, they will take that tube out of his mouth....He looks so comfy in his little bed of sheepskin, which is a soft cotton like substance they put in there to keep him comfy...The blue lights make him look as if he is hanging out in a night club VIP section...

The nurses in the NICU are so amazing and so well trained...Ryker and Gwyn get non-stop VIP treatment...I think some of the girls in there may have a crush on this handsome little fellow...GO RYKER!!!

1 comment:

Roni Hunt said...

Of course he responds to your voice...he's heard it before and knows you are his DADDY! Amazing, isn't it! Congrats on this little man!