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Friday, November 14, 2008

All Smiles!

Despite the tummy tube and breathing tube in her mouth, Gwyn is the most photogenic baby in the world...It was no different during Ultrasounds when she would make poses for the camera and smile...Although she is fighting hard to learn to breathe and fix her collapsed lung, Gwyn keeps a smile on her face...I love to watch her, because she really looks as if she is smiling all of the time and she looks so much like Cathi...
As soon as I think she is resting, I begin to step

away to look at her brother, and she starts fighting for attention...Her little chest will jump and she will take a breathe, then she will start wiggling her little piggy toes and move her hands, so that her daddy will give her more attention...

I apologize to any other parents who are reading this and seeing this little girl, because you surely must be jealous of how gorgeous she is...She just has the most perfect features...AND WHAT A PERSONALITY!!!


Roni Hunt said...

Incredible...she already has you wrapped around her teeny finger! Pinkie Power for Gwyn!!!

Anonymous said...

What precious Angels!!! I love you all! They are as beautiful as I imagined they would be.

Big Kathy and Brian

Anonymous said...

A neonate doesn't have a personality. It isn't even a person! And at 22 weeks gestation, they're just fetuses that have been expelled too early. Some occasionally do live, though any sane human being will realize how much better it is if they don't. Imagine having not one but THREE profoundly retarded, drooling idiots in diapers to take care of for the rest of your life. You lucked out, man.

And the crap about the first fetus "sacrificing" itself is just ridiculous. Wait until you lose a REAL person. Then you'll understand how trivial a few dead fetuses are and how ridiculous it is to anthropomorphize them.

I genuinely feel sorry for your daughter. How horrible it is going to be for her to grow up in the shadow of these imaginary siblings. For her sake, please pop some Prozac and quit acting like a friggin' emo kid.