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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Beginning

After my wife and I got married, we decided to start trying to have children. We thought, "This should be easy!" Boy were we wrong. After my wife stopped taking the pill, we tried for almost a year without success. We then visited my wife's OB/GYN to see what was wrong and what options we had in order to make a baby. The doctor suggested that my wife take some fertility drugs in order to force her ovaries to produce eggs. After one cycle of the drugs my wife became pregnant! We were so excited; we started to tell everyone at work and everyone in the family. After my wife got the positive result on the test, we went to the doctor to get her blood work done. The nurse checked the hormone levels and they were twice what they should have been. Now we thought we were having twins. Anxious and excited all at once, we again notified our friends and family of the great news. About one week after the news of possible twins, we went back in for a follow-up. The doctor brought us into his office and began to explain what was happening. The children that were growing in my wife's belly were not growing properly and were most likely in the wrong place. The doctor explained that there was a small chance he was wrong, but according the levels of my wife's hormones, it wasn't going to happen. Hopeful, my wife and I choose to wait out the pregnancy to see what would happen. Unfortunately a short time later, while sitting at home watching a movie, my wife fell to the ground in an unbelievable amount of pain. I rushed her to the hospital were she was diagnosed as having an ectopic pregnancy. My wife was admitted to the hospital were she stayed for several days before receiving a drug called methaltrexate, which ultimately terminated the pregnancy. The experience was painful and tragic.

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