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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Here We Are!!!

So here is a decent shot of all three of the perfect little miracles that have been blessed upon my wife and I. Both Cathi and I are strong believers that the babies can feel everything that is going on, so I make extra efforts to make Cathi laugh and we always try to stay in a positive mood regardless of the negative things people try to throw at us.

Cathi and I are well aware that this is a high risk pregnancy, but isn't it true that the best outcomes are from those things that involve risks. Not that we purposely tried to have three children, but now that we are, we know that we will have the best three little babies ever made.

I can't wait until the next pictures are taken. We will have some new pictures around the middle of August when we hit the 12 week mark. Keeping checking in for updates as our little miracles grow.

Cathi and I are very excited about our new family additions. We are both police officers and do not make tons of money. we are always looking for good advice and inexpensive baby stuff. Email us if you have any ideas or suggestions:

1 comment:

Tammy Berrigan said...

Ok looks like 2 girls and a boy to me. Kali, Chloe and Kaden??? Love those names.. Should you need help.... LOL!! I have not had a chance to call you guys yet but amazing!!! You know I will be down to cuddle once the miracles are here. Love this site. Cathi you take extra care.
Love ya,