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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


After the implantation we went to the doctor's office for the first ultrasound. There they are, all three embryos had taken. We go to see the first view of our precious triplets. Enjoy the picture. Words cannot explain our excitement when we saw the three heartbeats on the screen. Now we are just trying to organize our thoughts so we can figure out how to plan for the coming of the three children.
I will post again when we have an update. There will be new ultrasound photos to see and new updates about how we are organizing our home and minds for the coming of triplets. Please share any thoughts or ideas.


joyce said...

Congratulations !!! What fun ! My husband has triplet sisters. They turn 50 years old this October. His momma had five boys, then dropped triplet girls. When my husband was a boy, each of the three older boys was assigned "a friend" sister they were responsible for so that nobody got left. One time, the youngest got left at the hospital, after a visit and one time my husband got left at church. But, to this day, they have a special bond with their "special friend" brother. Hang in there and enjoy every minute. Babies grow up fast. This online journaling will help you remember cute stuff.

Chevy Rose said...

I have triplet girls (8 yrs old)up the street from me. Watching them grow up has been a joy. We buy any stuff they are selling for their Brownie troop. They are best of friends too, but each different from the other two.