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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Thanksgiving in JULY!!!!!

Well we are 10 weeks along this week. I am still feeling pretty great. No morning sickness (Knock on wood) even the Doctor’s are amazed. I am getting bigger everyday. I have had a few weird cravings. My first few weeks of pregnancy I craved Lobster Bisque. This week I craved my Mom’s Thanksgiving Dinner. So what does my family do, of coarse we have Thanksgiving in July!!!!! My whole family got together and my mom cooked her fabulous meal. The boys searched for Football on the TV, but had to settle for Baseball. They can nap to any sport. J I ate so much I added another inch to my waist line. I am already up to 41 inches around. The rest of me looks the same, (Thank God).

We will be updating the pictures of my ever growing tummy every few weeks. The babies have really had a growth spurt since the last ultrasound. They have fingers and toes that move and are more defined. We can’t wait till the next ultrasound next week. We are thinking of doing a 4D ultrasound. If anyone has any knowledge on the 4D ultrasounds I would love your help. I know they can be expensive and want to make sure they are worth the money. Thanks again for everyone’s support!!! We are so excited and excited about our growing family…. Cathi


Anonymous said...

You are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love you, Big Kathy

Anonymous said...

Cathi look at you. I am so excited for you guys. I cannot wait to see them. You know I will make a special trip. You still look amazing girl. And although those 3D and 4D ultrasounds were not around when I was having babies, I have heard they are absolutely well worth every penny spent. I have been told it is like looking at a picture as if they were sitting right next to you taking it. If get one I would love to see it..
Take care,

Denise Johns said...

Take some practical advice. Babies grow quickly, and they really mess up their clothes. Do NOT buy all new stuff for them, let others buy the new stuff, you stick to usrd baby stuff stores. Oh, and don't buy tons of stuff in any one size, you will be amazed at how quickly they outgrow clothes. If you do find something you just love, try to get it in a larger size so they can grow into it, giving you much more wear time out of it.
Check if you have a Sam's club anywhere nearby, you can save a ton by buying thinks in bulk, believe me, you will go through everything from diapers to formula faster than you would ever believe possible.
And do take advantage of babysitting offers. You both need at least one night a week to have time for yourselves, both as individuals, and as a couple.