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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Two or Three - That is the question

There we were, in the procedure room, wife's legs up in the stirrups, I'm sitting there waiting to see some amazing procedure, completely ignorant to what really goes on and the doctor asks, "How many do you want to put back in." He had explained to us that we had several pristine embryos that would have a good chance of taking. He then explained that by putting in two there was about a 40% of getting pregnant and if there was three placed back in, then there was about a 60% chance. After trying for almost three years, it came down to a very difficult decision, so what did we do, we said, "You decide doc." The doctor laughed and said, "I don't think so. It is your decision; I cannot make it for you." Cathi and I looked at each other. I knew we were both thinking, let’s just do three and hope we can finally have a child. You have to understand that after seeing so many of Cathi's friend get pregnant and have children over our three years of trying and seeing us fail so many times, we ultimately decided to put three back in to increase our chances of pregnancy. I then watched as the doctor took this ridiculously long syringe looking thing and placed three embryos back into my wife. The cool part is that an ultrasound picture shows the three embryos as a small ray of light. I will post the picture of that soon for everyone to see.

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