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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hi Grandma and Grandpa

Monday was the beginning of the eighth week and it is finally starting to sink in that we are having triplets. The joy and anxiety are overwhelming. Cathi and I nothing but excited about our new family and cannot wait to meet the little ones.

This week the babies are sprouting their little feet and hands and are starting to show the little fingers and toes we will be nibbling on and everyone else will be trying to grab. This picture says "Hi Grandma and Grandpa." Our Ultrasound tech was so nice to give us a ton of pictures with little sayings so we could show our family.

Cathi and I are very excited about our new family additions. We are both police officers and do not make tons of money. we are always looking for good advice and inexpensive baby stuff. Email us if you have any ideas or suggestions:

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