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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

IVF Cycle

I'm not a doctor so you will have to excuse some of my language because this will all be written in simple terms everyone can understand. I also apologize to the women who read this as I am writing all of this from the Husbands perspective and could never understand how it feels as a woman to go through all of this. From what I remember of it, which was only a month or so ago, an IVF cycle is about 45 days from start to finish depending on how the women reacts to the drugs. The way IVF works is that you take drugs to stop your ovaries from producing and dropping eggs. The point is to allow the doctor to control the ovulation cycle so they can create a controlled environment to produce and retrieve the eggs. Initially Cathi had to take drugs to stop her from ovulating, which seems counterproductive to the main goal of getting pregnant. Once the cycle is controlled, then she took injections which made her eggs show up in the ovaries but not drop. So after a week or so of taking these "Stem drugs" my wife produced a solid two dozen eggs. She was the talk of the office. At 30 years old, it is apparently unheard of to produce that many eggs. Cathi and I were excited about all of the eggs we would have to choose from. Once the eggs were made, the doctor went in and retrieved them all so they could be fertilized. Apparently my wife and I are a great match, because my sperm naturally fertilized 23 of the 24 eggs. I could practically make my own army! A quick side note: The process my wife had to go through to make the eggs included injecting herself multiple times with needles full of drugs in both the leg and stomach area. This can be a challenge, especially to those who don't like needles. It is important for the husband to be willing to help with these types of things. After the fertilization period, Cathi and I anxiously waited to hear how many good embryos we would have to implant back into the uterus.

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