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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Family Pet

I cannot continue this blog without at least mentioning the entire family that is preparing for the triplets. Cathi and I have a beautiful and amazing lab puppy. She is almost three years old and is a little runt. Her name is KoKo and we rescued her form the side of the road when some moron dumped a box of puppies.

KoKo is the best dog on earth; she is great with kids and she loves other dogs. She has always been really protective of us but since Cathi has become pregnant she is crazy. We were at our neighbors the other day just hanging out and enjoying the outside. Our neighbors dog, which is a little Shiba Inu jumped up and put her paws on Cathi's stomach, something the dog has done a million times in the past. KoKo just knocked the dog on the ground and grabbed him by the throat. Cathi and I think she was trying to protect the babies in her tummy because KoKo has never done that before.

Cathi and I are very excited about our new family additions. We are both police officers and do not make tons of money. We are always looking for good advice and inexpensive baby stuff. Email us if you have any ideas or suggestions:

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