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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Next Step

After the ectopic pregnancy Cathi and I did not know what to do next. She tried the fertility drugs again, but ended up taking them the wrong away, which was a blessing because she was not ready to try again. My wife is a very loving person and had not yet recovered from the painful loss of the first pregnancy. A year after the loss, we opted to try again. We thought that the fertility drugs seemed to work well and thought, "Maybe we should just try again and see if this time it will go the right way." So, we went to the doctor and got another round of the fertility drugs. Cathi took the drugs the right way this time and we were mentally prepared and excited again about being pregnant. Like clockwork, Cathi took her prescription and we started trying. About a month later, Cathi started to feel pregnant. She had all of the symptoms that women talk about when they are pregnant. Now that she was feeling pregnant, she started to get nervous because she started thinking about the last time she felt this way. A quick pregnancy test confirmed what she was feeling; she was pregnant! We immediately made a doctor's appointment and this time only told close friends and family (We still couldn't hold back the excitement). A pregnancy test at the doctor confirmed she was pregnant, so then we made the follow up appointment. Cathi went in for her second blood work up and later that day received a disturbing phone call. The woman on the phone was very quick and cold about the news, "It was a chemical pregnancy, you are not pregnant anymore." The nonchalant attitude of the women on the phone sent Cathi into tears; we had lost another one. Now I know that a chemical pregnancy in the medical world doesn't count, but to a women who has been trying for years and to a husband who has had to console his wife through emotional nightmares, IT COUNTS!

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